Angola’s Uíge province wants to increase coffee production

8 October 2012

Coffee production in Angola’s Uíge province is expected to increase by 56 percent over the next few years as the result of a production programme involving 3 million seedlings to revive 3,000 hectares of coffee fields, said a spokesman cited by Angolan weekly newspaper Expansão.

The director of the provincial department of the National Coffee Institute (Inca) in Uíge, Vasco Gonçalves, also told the newspaper that the seedlings produced would be enough to give new life to the 3,000 hectares of land, given that around 1,000 coffee plants could be planted in a single hectare.

This programme will make it possible to produce an additional 1,500 tons of commercial coffee, which added to current production of 2,650 tons will lead to production for the province of a total of 4,150 tons of coffee, which is an increase of 56 percent.

This year, said Vasco Gonçalves, 100 seedlings were delivered as part of the National Programme for Coffee Seedling Production and as well as this plant nurseries are being prepared, some of which are already in use, for producing coffee seedlings in large quantities.

“We have 80 nurseries built by the producers themselves and by some selected families that are working with Inca as part of this process,” he said adding that his department ahs also produced fruit tree saplings, specifically avocado trees and mango trees.

Since the official start of the coffee harvest in July Uíge province has harvested 4,000 tons of mabuba coffee (around 2,000 tons of commercial coffee), of the 5,300 tons (1,650 tons of commercial coffee) projected for this year. (macauhub)