Canary Islands to double aid to Cape Verde

8 October 2012

The government of the Canary Islands has decided to double its aid package to Cape Verde from 25 million euros to 50 million euros for the 2014-2020 period, said the president of the Canary Regional Government, Paulino Rivero Baute, cited by the Cape Verdean press.

During a three-day visit to the archipelago, Rivero Baute said that the funding would be applied to the sea and air transport sectors, renewable energy and business training and cooperation.

However, he noted, in 2013 a joint commission will be set up to define which specific sectors would benefit from aid from the Canary Islands.

Cape Verde’s Prime Minister, José Maria Neves said that his government planned to take advantage of the Canary Islands’ experience, as in 2013 the Canaries will have one island supplied with electricity entirely produced from renewable resources.

Neves also noted the possibility of Cape Verde and Canary Islands setting up joint companies in the inter-island sea transport sector. (macauhub)