Mining group Vale sends 95 trains loaded with coal to the port of Beira, Mozambique in September

8 October 2012

Mining group Vale last September sent a record 95 trains loaded with coal from the Mozambican mining town of Moatize to the port of Beira, said Vanderlei Marques, Vale’s director of Logistics Operations.

Cited by daily newspaper Notícias, Marques said that the 95 trains had carried 257,000 tons of coal that was then loaded onto four ships, three of which were Panamax ship with capacity for 80,000 tons each. This was the first month in which this was achieved.

He also noted that it was possible to achieve the target of 1,000 trains by the end of the year, as compared to just 120 all year in 2011, given that over 600 trains with 42 trucks holding 63 tons of coal each, had travelled along the Sena line to the port of Beira so far this year.

The process of loading ships of a higher than 35,000 tons capacity currently involves transferring cargo at sea, some 42 kilometres from the port of Beira, using two other smaller ships especially made for this purpose: the Bulk Zambezi and Bulk Limpopo.

The coal produced at Moatize is all carried along the Sena railway line, over a distance of 575 kilometres, to the port of Beira and in future it will also be sent to the port of Nacala, in Nampula province, over a distance of 912 kilometres. (macauhub)