Angolan state company Gesterra uses 25 pct of its yearly budget to buy agricultural machinery

11 October 2012

Gesterra, Angola’s agricultural land management company, has invested US$60 million per year on buying and replacing agricultural machinery as well as buying seed and other essential materials, the company’s chief executive said in Cacuso.

Cited by Angolan news agency Angop, Eduardo Barros said that there was not currently enough agricultural machinery to meet demand and thus every year Gesterra consigns a quarter of its budget to buying more machines and also to replace machinery that has been de-activated.

Barros said that in the current agricultural campaign 40,000 hectares of maize had been sown in the agricultural units of Pungo Andongo and Pedras Negras, in Malange province, and that 50 percent of the harvest would be processed locally and placed on the market.

The soy that was planted is intended only for producing animal feed, given that the project also includes breeding beef cattle, pigs, and poultry.

Gesterra – Gestão de Terras Aráveis is a state-owned limited liability company managed by the Angolan Ministry for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing. (macauhub)