Mozambican fishing production expected to see slight drop in 2013

11 October 2012

Fishing production in Mozambique is expected to total 196,000 tons in 2013, or 4,000 tons less than production expected for this year, according to projections in the Economic and Social Plan for 2013.

The artisanal fishing sector is expected to contribute around 171,000 tons to total production, according to the projections, which outline a contribution from the commercial fishing sector of 23,000 tons.

According to daily newspaper Notícias, an assessment of the performance of the fishing sector in the first half of the year shows that overall production had an execution rate of 41 percent due to factors related to reducing the number of operators, an atypical availability of fish and white spot viral disease in wild shrimp.

Performance by the artisanal fishing sector was weak as fishermen caught just 67,000 tons as compared to 78,000 tons in 2011 and commercial fishermen caught 10,000 tons as compared to a projection of 36,000 tons.

Despite this scenario, the report on the performance of the fishing sector noted that crab, cephalopod and shark fishing has seen rises of 5 percent, 51 percent and 105 percent, respectively. (macauhub)