Local authorities from Moma district, in Mozambique, plan to encourage rice production

15 October 2012

The local authorities of the Moma district of Mozambique’s Nampula province, plan to encourage rice production in order to make use of extensive wetland areas supported by the rivers that cross the region, said Justino Cândido, the director of the district economic activities department.

Speaking to daily newspaper Notícias, Cândido said that encouraging production would be based on the family farming sector, which was gradually giving up on rice farming due to a lack of appropriate systems to ensure the local sale and processing of the product, which has meanwhile been resolved by Mozambican businesspeople who have built a factory that includes a packaging line.

Current rice production stands at an average of 4,000 tons and Cândido said that this could increase over the next two seasons to 10,000 tons as producer now have access to mechanised tools for increasing production.

Ahamada Jamal, a businessman that recently invested 390,000 meticals on importing equipment from China to polish and package rice, told the newspaper he had already sold 30 tons of rice that was being stored in a building that he paid to have restored.

“After the rice is husked and packaged up it will be sent to the warehouses of Kenmare Resources, with which I have signed a supply contract that will allow the Irish company to reduce the costs of importing the product,” the businessman said.

Jamal also said that within the next few days he would be signing a contract to supply maize flour that will be prepared at the factory, which also has a maize processing line, which involves separating out the bran to make animal feed and high quality flour for human consumption, as well as packaging it up. (macauhub)