Five aerodromes due to be built in Kuando-Kubango, southern Angola

6 November 2012

Five aerodromes designed for small and medium-sized aircraft are due to be built in the municipalities of Calai, Cuangar, Dirico, Rivungo and Nankova, in the Angolan province of Kuando-Kubango, in order to reduce travel times between the towns and improve movement of people and goods.

The announcement was made by the provincial governor Higino Carneiro on a visit to Menongue and the project to refurbish Comandante Kwenha airport, which is almost finished.

The governor also said that construction of the aerodromes was of extreme importance, given the large distances between municipal capitals and the provincial capital, which are an average of 1,000 kilometres away, and problems found on access roads, which are affected by land mines and a thick layer of sand. (macauhub)