Mozambique sets up largest sea-life reserve in Africa

7 November 2012

The Mozambican government ahs announced the creation of the largest marine life environmental reserve in Africa, covering 10,400 square kilometres of protected areas surrounding 10 islands off the country, off the coast of Angoche, Known as the Primeiras and Segundas Archipelago.

Alberto Nkutumula, Deputy Justice Minister and government spokesman, said that by creating the reserve it would be possible to protect animals such as sea turtles and dugongs, which are facing extinction. This Mozambican archipelago has the largest population of dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean.

Government authorities expect to approve a management plan for the area soon, which will allow for controlled and ordered tourism development.

The area also includes over 30,000 nests of birds that are important to the local fauna.

Schools of whales are also often seen swimming around the archipelago. (macauhub)