Trade between China and Portuguese language countries up 13% thru September

13 November 2012

Trade between China and the Portuguese language countries amounted to US$98.19 billion from January through September, for year-on-year growth of 13.62 percent, indicate Chinese customs figures released officially in Macau.

In the first nine months of the year the eight Portuguese language countries sold China merchandise worth US$67.72 billion (up 22.01 percent) and purchased goods worth US$30.46 billion (up 5.75 percent), generating a negative balance of trade of US$37.26 billion for China.

Brazil is China’s main commercial partner among the eight Portuguese language countries. Its trade with China amounted to US$65.29 billion (up 4.6 percent), selling merchandise worth US$40.45 billion and purchasing goods worth US$24.84 billion.

Trade between Angola and China amounted to US$28.74 billion (up 41.83 percent), with Angola selling merchandise (mainly oil) worth US$25.78 billion (up 40.83 percent) and purchasing goods worth US$2.95 billion (up 51.25 percent).

Portugal was China’s third major partner among the eight countries. Its trade with China amounted to US$3.06 billion (up 3.36 percent), purchasing goods worth US$1.87 billion (down 12.77 percent) and selling merchandise worth US$1.19 billion (up 45.79 percent). (macauhub)