Argentinean company plans to build domestic gas bottle factory in Mozambique

15 November 2012

A domestic gas bottle and fire extinguisher factory is due to be built in Mozambique by an Argentinean company whose officials visited Maputo last week, Mozambican newspaper Correio da Manhã reported.

The factory will be built “soon” by Argentinean company Matafuegos Horizonte, according to Carlos di Cerisano, Argentina’s ambassador in Maputo, noting that Mozambique had been chosen due to the country posting a high level of industrial development and because it is already, “one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas.”

The new project allows Mozambique to “operate in all the processes of locally-produced gas and reduce the cost of importing bottles,” noted Cerisano, adding that the project should complement efforts made to provide more domestic gas to Mozambican consumers.

Officials from Matafuegos Horizonte were amongst the 28 businesspeople from Argentina that visited Mozambique with a view to setting up partnerships with Mozambican economic agents. (macauhub)