Mozambican government needs more funds to repair Massingir dam

15 November 2012

The Mozambican authorities are negotiating additional funding to repair the facilities damaged as a result of a leak in one of the ducts of the Massingir dam, in Gaza province, in May 2008, according to Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

The director-general of the Regional Southern Waters Administration (ARA-Sul), Belarmino Chivambo, said that the work was expected to begin in May 2013 based on the rate at which negotiations were underway with the country’s potential partners.

“The funds that we have from the African Development Bank to repair the dam’s weirs are insufficient and the government is trying to find additional funds, and it is likely that at the end of the rainy season, in May of next year, we will be able to begin work,” said Chivambo.

Chivambo also said that negotiations were underway with the private and public sector in order to make the hydroelectric dam viable, construction f which was initially estimated to cost US$30 million. (macauhub)