Cotton sales period extended in Mozambique due to record production

22 November 2012

The sale of cotton in Mozambique will be extended beyond the usual period in order to ensure all the raw cotton currently in the hands of farmers is moved on, Mozambique’s Agriculture Minister said Tuesday.

Cited by daily newspaper Notícias , Minister José Pacheco said that there were around 14,000 tons of raw cotton yet to be sold and that Cabo Delgado was the province were most cotton had yet to be sold – around 7,000 tons – and Sofala province with 2,000 tons.

Cotton sales in Mozambique usually end in the first two weeks of November, but this year, due to record production, the sales process is expected to be extended until the end of the month in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado and until mid December in Niassa province.

Projections for the campaign that is about to end pointed to 84,000 tons but the latest figures point to record production of up to 150,000 tons, which is the largest amount since Mozambican independence in 1975.

Good agricultural and weather conditions, an increase in growing areas and introduction of improved seeds are some of the factors that have led to increased cotton production. (macauhub)