Bad weather leads to drop in shrimp catches in Mozambique

29 November 2012

Industrial shrimp fishing in Mozambique posted a sharp drop in the first nine months of 2012 due to three cyclones at the beginning of the year, said the deputy Fishing Minister, cited by Mozambican news agency AIM.

Speaking to the agency, deputy minister Gabriel Muthisse said that between January and September the industrial freezing fleet had caught 2,087 tons of shrimp, the semi-industrial ice fleet had caught 395 tons and artisanal fishing methods accounted for 2,331 tons.

“Last year the industrial freezing fleet caught 4,203 tons and was the only sub-sector with a negative performance in comparative terms,” noted the deputy minister.

Catches were partly affected by cyclones Dando, Funso and Irina in February, at the beginning of the shrimp fishing season.

In terms of tuna fishing, which is an activity dominated by foreign fishing vessels fishing more than 12 miles off the coast, Muthisse said that although some vessels had been using Mozambican ports for inspection purposes, the contribution to the country’s economy was limited to issuing licenses and accounted for revenues of US$1.3 million. (macauhub)