Portugal and Cape Verde want to focus on economic and business cooperation

3 December 2012

Portugal and Cape Verde signed seven protocols and two agreements, as well as a joint statement, after the Prime Ministers of both countries said they planned to focus two-way cooperation on business and the economy and supporting companies from both Cape Verde and Portugal.

At the end of the 2nd Portugal/Cape Verde summit, after the one held in 2010, in Lisbon, Pedro Passos Coelho and José Maria Neves, The Portuguese and Cape Verdean Prime Minister, respectively, re-stated their interest in cooperating “more and better” despite not revealing the investment involved, the Portuguese press reported.

The only figures mentioned were of two credit lines, each worth 200 million euros, which are almost spent, that Portugal opened up to Cape Verde in 2009. These credit lines are linked to housing and port facilities amongst other sectors. Two other credit lines, each worth 100 million euros, were focused on renewable energy and roads.

According to Passos Coelho and Neves, the Indicative Cooperation Programme (PIC), signed in August – funding for it fell from 70 million to 56 million euros – also complements the work carried out at the summit held Sunday.

The seven protocols signed at the summit cover the areas of the economy and finance, education, energy, internal administration, science, scientific research and health. The two agreement that were signed covered the areas of social security and defence. (macauhub)