Japanese government funds road and port projects in Mozambique

11 December 2012

The Japanese government plans to donate US$1.7 billion to Mozambique to pay to draw up plans for construction of 13 bridges to link the roads in Zambézia and Niassa province, under the terms of a funding agreement signed Monday in Maputo.

Under the terms of a second funding agreement, also signed Monday, Japan, via the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), will provide US$33.3 million to cover the cost of refurbishing the port of Nacala, in Nampula province.

According to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, Mozambique’s deputy Foreign affairs Minister, Eduardo Koloma, said that construction of the bridges and repairing the port of Nacala would help to expand the road network and allow more products to be sold in the country and exported to foreign markets.

The Japanese ambassador to Mozambique, Eiji Hashimoto, said that refurbishing the port of Nacala was part of an important project for Mozambique and the Southern Africa region, the Pró Savana project, which is a three-way initiative brought about by the governments of Mozambique, Brazil, and Japan. (macauhub)