Capanda dam in Angola to start producing more electricity

12 December 2012

The electricity produced at the Capanda hydroelectric dam, in Angola’s Malange province, in the next few days is due to increase from 285 megawatts to between 315 and 330 megawatts, the head of operations at the dam, Félix de Carvalho said.

Cited by Angolan news agency Angop, Carvalho also said that a strategy would be put in place to manage the water in the dam’s reservoir. The water level has been rising by a metre every three or four days with a view to producing more electricity.

Due to a lack of electricity, Angola’s capital, Luanda, which is fed by the Capanda dam, has had a restricted power supply over the last three months.

“At the moment the reservoir is at a level of 927.33 metres and, between 20 and 22 December, we hope to reach 932 metres, which will allow us to increase electricity production,” he said.

Carvalho said that the ideal level for the reservoir was 950 metres so that all four of the dam’s turbines are able to work at full capacity and generate 130 megawatts each, or a total 520 megawatts. (macauhub)