Mozambican population expected to reach 24.3 million in 2013

12 December 2012

The population of Mozambique is expected to increase from 23.7 million people this year to 24.3 million in 2013, which is an increase of around 666,000 people, according to projections from the National Statistics Institute (INE), cited by the Mozambican press.

Natural growth of the Mozambican population is estimated, on average, at 2.7 percent according to the latest population census from INE. The statistics institute estimates that 75.2 percent of the population is linked to the agricultural, livestock, hunting, fishing and silviculture sectors.

Women are a majority in these activities, accounting for around 86.7 percent, as compared to 63.4 percent for men, according to Laura Duarte of INE, who also noted that overall there were more men than women working for the State and e that senior positions in the sector were also mainly occupied by men.

This year 68.8 percent of the Mozambican population is resident in rural areas, as compared to 31.2 percent living in urban areas. (macauhub)