IFAD provides Cape Verde with US$26 million loan

2 January 2013

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is due this year to loan Cape Verde US$26 million for the 4th phase of the National Programme to Combat Poverty (PNLP) in rural areas, the national coordinator said.

Ramiro Azevedo also said that this new phase of the PNLP, a programme that was launched in 2000, would be carried out over six years and, beyond combating poverty, it would focus on creating jobs in rural areas.

Cited by pan-African news agency Panapress, Azevedo said that the loan document had been signed with IFAD and ratified by the Cape Verde Council of Ministers.

As well as promoting activities that will create jobs, the new phase of the programme will also consolidate activities carried out in the previous PNLP, which will come to an end in March 2013.

Agriculture, fishing, livestock and professional training are the focus of the new programme.

In this fourth phase, which will run until 2018, the PNLP will develop a network that has already been created of 500 associations in nine regional commissions. These commissions will promote working as part of networks with a view to focusing on cooperative projects, associations and small rural businesses.

The third phase of the National Programme to Combat Poverty (PNLP) was considered by IFAD to be the best of its kind in West Africa, mainly because of the impact it has had on the quality of life of the people the programme covers. (macauhub)