Angolan fishing production totals 354,000 tons in 2012

4 January 2013

Fishing production in Angola totalled 354,000 tons in 2012, which was almost five times the level of the country’s fish imports of 60,000 tons, the Fisheries Minister, Victória de Barros said in Luanda.

The minister also said that production of dried fish had increased slightly to 25,000 tons, and that freezing remained the most common method of preserving fish.

Barros also noted activities underway in the sector, some of which were concluded in 2012. These include construction and inauguration of the Porto Amboim Refrigeration Warehouse, in Kwanza Sul province, and refurbishment and expansion of five saltworks, three of which in Benguela province, and two in Namibe province.

She also noted conclusion and equipping of centres to support artisanal fishing in the provinces of Luanda, Kwanza Sul and Benguela, construction of salting and drying units in the municipal areas of Namibe and Tômbua (Namibe province) and in Porto Amboim.

The minister also mentioned conclusion and delivery of two patrol ships built in the Netherlands, the launch of the first phase of the Monitor, Catching and Processing Project (Monicap), as well as building and equipping Regional Fishing Inspection Centres in the provinces of Zaire, Kwanza Sul, Benguela and Namibe. (macauhub)