Angola’s flagship airline saves US$35 million by implementing programme to reduce fuel consumption

8 January 2013

Angolan flagship airline Taag made a saving of US$35 million from November 2011 until the end of 2012 by implementing a programme to reduce fuel consumption, the company’s communications department said Monday in Luanda.

The statement said that in 2010 the airline hired the services of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to tally up its fuel costs, with a view to drawing up a management and efficiency plan for the airline’s flight operations.

Since then the Angolan airline has taken part in the Green team programme in designed to reduce the environmental impact of aviation fuel and is involved in 24 savings initiatives, many of them related to flights and including reducing extra fuel and reducing altitude and acceleration.

In financial terms tankering is the project that has contributed most to the savings made. Tankering means that aircraft are supplied with fuel at locations where it is cheapest and in Taag’s case at locations where fuel cost less than it does in Luanda.

According to Taag’s statement the tankering project has been underway since May 2011 and accounts for over half the financial saving of US$35 million between November 2011 and the end of 2012.

Taag’s statement ended by saying that the targets set for this year included consolidation of the policy to reduce flight delays, which meant that over two thirds of the airline’s flights left on time in 2012. (macauhub)