Mozambican government to re-launch Agricultural Commercialisation Fund

8 January 2013

The Mozambican government plans soon to re-launch the Agricultural Commercialisation Fund in order to solve some problems in the sector, particularly funding to buy surplus production from farmers, said deputy Trade Minister Kenneth Marizane.

Mozambican newspaper Notícias reported that re-launching the fund followed the Integrated Commercialisation Strategy, due to be implemented from 2013 to 2020, given the role that the purchase and sale of agricultural surplus plays in the Mozambican economy.

During a debate held in Maputo it was made clear that the sale of surpluses is affected by a lack of precise information about the surpluses that remain unsold, high transaction costs, a lack of quality, impurities, high post-harvest losses, inadequate storage, a lack of units to process agricultural products, limited access to preservation equipment and a lack of financing.

The Agricultural Commercialisation Fund is intended to help boost productivity, ensure the creation, expansion and consolidation of support services and facilities, development of activities to promote agro-industry, and involve the State in commercialisation of the products.

It also aims to promote decentralisation and the involvement of a number of agents in buying and selling surpluses, as well as promoting exports. (macauhub)