Mozambican state says it has received more tax from mining companies than the companies say they have paid

8 January 2013

Mining companies operating in Mozambique have stated they paid 1.913 billion meticals (US$64.4 million) to the Mozambican State in 2010 and the State has said it received 1.928 billion meticals (US$65 million), according to the Mozambican press.

The third reconciliation report on payments and receipts of the extractive industry, for 2010, has discrepancies in terms of the amounts the mining companies say they have paid to the State and what the State says it has received, as was also the case in the two previous reports.

Before the reconciliation the companies said they had paid around 1.878 billion meticals and the State said it received 1.909 billion meticals. After the reconciliation these figures changed.

Commenting recently on this discrepancy the deputy Mining Resources Minister Abdul Razak noted that the difference that had been calculated was not a concern especially because the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) sets a maximum of 3 percent for potential differences that require reconciliation.

EITI is an international initiative to promote the transparency of governments and companies involved in the extractive industry.

The third reconciliation document, for 2010, covered 46 companies, of which 34 are mining companies and the remainder operate in the oil sector. (macauhub)