Mission travels to Cape Verde to promote Macau’s role in relationships with the Portuguese-speaking world

21 January 2013

The promotion of Macau’s role as a platform to promote economic and trade cooperation between Cape Verde and China was highlighted by the Deputy Director of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR), Gao Yan in the Cape Verdean capital, Praia.

As part of an economic mission to Cape Verde, Gao Yan said that the visit was part of the programme of the 10th anniversary of Forum Macau, which will be celebrated this year by hosting the 4th Ministerial Conference.

“Although Cape Verde and China are far away in geographical terms we are making efforts to bring our countries closer together,” she said.

On this visit, Gao Yan was accompanied by a team including the secretary for the Economy and Finance of the MSAR, Tam Pak Chuen, and by Chang Hexi, the secretary-general of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries.

In his turn, Cape Verde’s secretary of State for Foreign Affairs said that the officials in the Chinese mission had pledged to raise funds to finance economic and business projects on the archipelago.

According to Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress, the speech made after a meeting with members of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry was, in the words of secretary of State José Luís Rocha, “the best way of promoting cooperation.”

Once this process is concluded, he said, Cape Verdean companies will be able to request financing from the fund supported by the China Development Bank.

“At the meeting we decided to plan the future of our cooperation relations, which will now be focused on three essential areas, boosting mutual trade and investment, and exploring new areas of cooperation in human resources,” he noted.

Cape Verde promised the Chinese delegation it would commit to being an active member of Forum Macau and take part in activities to prepare for the 4th Ministerial Conference, set for October of this year.

The mission also met with a team from the Ministry for Tourism, Industry and Energy and was received by Prime Minister José Maria Neves. (macauhub)