East Timor and Thailand to cooperate in oil sector exploration and development

5 February 2013

The governments of East Timor and Thailand last week signed a memorandum of understanding to boost cooperation in exploration and development of the Timorese oil sector.

The memorandum which was signed by Thai Energy Minister, Pongsak Ruktapongpsial and East Timor’s Oil Minister, Alfredo Pires, is intended to boost cooperation in developing the Timorese oil sector, build infrastructure and provide training.

East Timor and Thailand started cooperating in the oil sector in 2009 after signing an agreement to create the Timorese oil and gas plan and related studies.

Cooperation with the Thai authorities will benefit the Timorese government’s Tasi Mane project, which is intended to develop the south coast of the country through the oil industry and includes construction of three industrial groups, which will be the backbone of the oil sector in the country.

Tasi Mane includes the Suai supply base, the refinery and a group of petrochemical industries in Betano as well as a gas unit (supplied by the gas pipeline that the Timorese authorities want to build from the Greater Sunrise field) in Viqueque/Beasu. (macauhub)