Angolan parliament approves State budget for 2013

15 February 2013

Members of Angola’s National Assembly Thursday approved the country’s State Budget for 2013, which includes expenditure totalling 6.635 trillion kwanzas (US$69 billion) and a budget deficit of US$4.15 billion).

A report on the final discussion of the Budget includes some observations, conclusions and recommendations, one of which is a request for the government to present quarterly reports on budget execution, as well as the respective balance sheets.

At the end of the session the chairman of the Economy and Finance Commission of the National Assembly, Manuel Nunes Júnior, said that the budget was a reflection of “the government’s broad strategic framework, which includes making the non-oil sector the focus of the country’s economy.”

He said that the budget aims to encourage domestic production and thus reduce imports, especially of consumer goods, a situation which “means that the country is funding the creation of jobs in other nations and not in Angola.”