International Monetary Fund returns to Guinea Bissau

20 February 2013

A re-launch of the activities of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Guinea Bissau will mean the return of other international donors, the Finance Minister of the transitional government, Abubacar Demba Dahaba said in Bissau.

An IMF mission is visiting Guinea Bissau and the Finance Minister was speaking after the transitional Prime Minister, Rui de Barros, granted an audience to the head of the IMF mission Maurice Villaverde.

The IMF representative for Guinea Bissau said that consultations in the capital had been used to analyse and offer an opinion on the State Budget for 2013, and also to discuss support proposals, particularly in terms of taxation and public finance reforms.

The IMF suspended its aid to Guinea Bissau following a coup d’etat in April 2012, and the transitional authorities see the return of the IMF technicians as a vote of confidence. (macauhub)