Australia to support human resources training in Mozambique

15 March 2013

The core aspects of the mining development partnership agreement signed by Mozambique and Australia include training human resources and improving institutional capacity, the Mozambican Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister said in Canberra.

“We want to make use of Australia’s experience because of it had large amounts of natural resources like Mozambique and has been able to turn these into wealth,” said Minister Oldemiro Baloi.

The minister said that the Mozambican government wants the wealth generated by exploring natural resources to benefit all Mozambicans in a more direct way and added that, “for that to happen, it is necessary for Mozambicans themselves to explore their own resources.”

“And for that to happen training is needed, which is precisely one of the fundamental components of the agreement signed,” said Baloi.

In a joint statement issued in Canberra cited by Mozambican news agency AIM, both countries welcomed the closer relationship between them, including in relation to international affairs that of concern to them both such as climate change and food safety. (macauhub)