Mozambique loses revenues of US$67 million in 2012 due to illegal fishing

27 March 2013

Mozambique lost revenues of US$67 million in 2012 due to illegal fishing, basically of tuna and shrimp, by foreign fishing vessels within its territorial waters, particularly the bays of Maputo and Sofala, Mozambican newspaper Correio da Manhã reported.

Citing Manuel Castiano, the national director for Inspection at the Fishing Ministry, the newspaper reported that last year around 20,000 tons of tuna and an unspecified amount of shrimp were caught in Mozambique’s waters.

To minimise the situation, the government department is, as of this year, increasing activities to prevent illegal fishing of a number of varieties of seafood in Mozambique and focusing on a policy of sustainable exploration, protection and conservation of fishing resources, as well as ensuring compliance with fishing sector regulations by licensed operators.

Every year Mozambique spends around 70 million meticals on patrolling and inspection activities, which is considered to be a small amount when compared to the average for other member nations of the Southern African Development Community of 88.7 million meticals.

In order to make up for the costs of patrols and inspection Mozambique is carrying out joint patrolling with South Africa, Madagascar and the Seychelles, Castiano told the newspaper, who noted that a Spanish registered fishing vessel was found in 2008 illegally fishing for tuna off the Mozambican coast. (macauhub)