Ireland’s largest donation in 2013 goes to Mozambique

3 April 2013

Ireland this year will provide Mozambique with a donation of 37.5 million euros, the biggest individual donation included in a total of 623 million euros earmarked as aid to developing countries, the minister for Trade and Development, Joe Costello said.

The minister, who recently visited Maputo, said that, regardless of the problems Ireland is facing, some developing countries would still be supported.

“If we look at the Mozambican population we see that half of it survives – not lives, survives – on less than half a dollar a day,” said Costello, cited by the Irish press.

In 2012, Irish cooperation in Africa was affected by embezzlement of around 4 million euros in Uganda, a “sophisticated fraud” that apparently went as far as the Prime Minister’s office, and since then mechanisms have been put in place to prevent further situations of this kind.

Around 4,000 people in Mozambique work for Irish companies, the most important of which, Kenmare Resources explores heavy sands deposits in Moma, Nampula province.

Irish aid will be used to prevent and combat HIV/AIDS and for long term projects, including training public workers and supporting small companies. (macauhub)