Future public works projects in Mozambique will need telecommunications network

8 April 2013

Mozambique’s National Communications Institute(INCM) is preparing new regulations that will include a requirement for telecommunications plans in all public infrastructure projects, said the director of the INCM’s legal office.

According to daily newspaper Notícias, Virgílio Varela also said that the new regulations were intended to curb problems caused by several companies during the execution of infrastructure projects, namely roads, buildings and other construction projects.

“The main aim is that as infrastructure is built by companies such as Electricidade de Moçambique, Águas de Moçambique, Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique telecommunications infrastructure is also put in place,” said Varela o the sidelines of a public discussion of the proposed regulations.

The proposal includes penalties for non-compliance, including heavy fines for not repairing damaged infrastructure, for refusing or delaying the removal of cables and other obsolete telecommunications equipment, for example.

The new regulations also include creation of a database that will allow the INCM to know precisely what telecommunications facilities there are, their exact location, their purpose, amongst other information. (macauhub)