Proposal new minimum wage in Mozambique to be presented to the government

9 April 2013

A proposal for a new minimum wage in Mozambique is due to be presented by the Consultative Labour Council by 15 April for analysis by the Council of Ministers, according to Mozambican news agency AIM.

The agency said that this week representatives of the nine business sectors – Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Silviculture, Fishing, Mining Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Power Production and Distribution, Gas and Water, construction, non-Financial Services and Public Administration, Defence and Security – are expected to sign the memorandum of understanding containing the final minimum wage proposal.

The secretary of the National Union of Metallurgical Industry and Energy Workers, Américo Macamo, cited by weekly newspaper Domingo, said that the figures put forward by the workers, of around 4,500 meticals (US$152) are different to those put forward by employers, and it will therefore be necessary to negotiate a figure.

The newspaper also noted the possibility of setting the minimum wage based on the “basket of goods” methods, which considers a family of five, with at least one worker and one student and includes a basic basket of food and hygiene products and transport. (macauhub)