Minimum wage in Mozambique due to rise by between 5 pct and 31 pct

16 April 2013

The minimum wage in Mozambique is due to increase by between 5 percent and 31 percent depending on business sector, if the government approves the consensus proposal from the Consultative Work Commission (CCT), the Mozambican press reported.

Although the figures for the minimum wage for each of the nine business sectors have not been published, figures from CCT, an association of the unions, employers and the government represented by the Labour Ministry, showed that the increases will range between 5 and 31 percent.

Adelino Buque, responsible for Work and Social Action at the CTA, speaking on behalf of employees, said that the new figures were based on inflation in the previous year and the performance of each sector as well as growth projections for this year.

Based on changes made in April 2012 the lowest minimum wage is 2,300 meticals for the agricultural, livestock, hunting and silviculture sector and the highest is 6,171 meticals for the financial sector.

The new salary table for the nine business sectors – Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Silviculture, Fishing, Mining Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Power Production and Distribution, Gas and Water, construction, non-Financial Services and Public Administration, Defence and Security – is due to be published Tuesday and will be retroactively applied to 1 April. (macauhub)