Mozambican government approves new minimum wages

17 April 2013

The new table of minimum wages in Mozambique was approved Tuesday by the Council of Ministers and will be retroactively applied to 1 April. The mining sector saw the greatest rise, of 31.91 percent, and its workers are now paid a minimum of 4,651 meticals (US$114.3), said the government spokesman.

Cited by the Mozambican press, the spokesman and Minister for Justice, Alberto Nkutumula, also said that the minimum wage for agricultural workers, the lowest of all, would be raised to 2,500 meticals (US$61.5), which is an increase of 8.7 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum are financial sector workers whose minimum wage, which was already the highest on the table, rose by 10.47 percent to 6,817 meticals (US$167.6).

For the public sector, including healthcare, defence and security, Nkutumula said that the increase would be based on each profession, but that it would be no less than 7 percent.

The table outlines salaries for the nine business sectors – Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Silviculture, Fishing, Mining Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Power Production and Distribution, Gas and Water, construction, non-Financial Services and Public Administration, Defence and Security. (macauhub)