Mozambican companies and citizens given preference on fishing rights

24 April 2013

Mozambican companies and citizens will be given preference on the concession of fishing rights within the national territory, according t the new version of the Fishing Law approved recently by the country’s parliament.

The measure, which is intended to protect Mozambicans and citizens of countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), will require foreign companies and citizens to partner up with Mozambican operators to set up fishing companies.

According to the recommendation from the Parliamentary Commission for Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights and the Law, the new draft of the law will not affect what is outlined in the United Nations Convention on Maritime Law or the SADC Fishing Protocol and other international agreements of which Mozambique is a part.

The new Fishing Law also establishes that fishing rights on international rivers and on continental waters with Mozambique’s jurisdiction will be granted exclusively to Mozambican citizens or companies.

With a view to protecting artisanal fishing whose operators generally have minimal equipment, the new Fishing Law outlines areas reserved for small scale fishing, including subsistence fishing, including the entire area of territorial sea up to four marine miles from the so-called base lines, as well as inland bodies of water. (macauhub)