Matanuska Moçambique exports 54,000 tons of bananas this year

30 April 2013

Matanuska Moçambique is expected this year to export to the Middle East 54,000 tons of bananas grown at its agricultural unit in Metocheria, in the Monapo district of Nampula province, the company’s chief executive said.

John Dwyer told daily newspaper Notícias that as of 2014 the company was expected to export 70,000 tons of bananas per year.

“What we do here is almost nothing as we are competing with nations with production that is already consolidated, such as the Philippines, which every year places over 3 million tons of bananas on the Middle Eastern market,” Dwyer said.

Noting that Matanuska had sought to differentiate itself through the quality of its product, Dwyer said there were buyers for the company’s bananas throughout the year.

According to Dwyer, every week a ship moors at the port of Nacala, some 100 kilometres from Matanuska’s land, to carry the bananas to Port Louis, on Mauritius, from where it travels onwards to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Matanuska has invested around US$50 million in Monapo in an estimated area of 1,400 hectares, which will increase to 3,000 hectares provided by the Mozambican government.

The company is owned by Matanuska Africa, a partnership between Matanuska Mauritius and the Rift Valley Corporation, of Zimbabwe. (macauhub)