Angola’s Hotel and Tourism Minister calls for consumption of Angolan shrimp

2 May 2013

Angola’s Hotel and Tourism Minister, Pedro Mutindi, recently called for consumption of shrimp caught in Angola’s territorial waters similarly to what has been outlined for goods produced by the national agricultural and industrial sectors.

Speaking a ceremony to launch the campaign to promote Angolan shrimp, the minister said that the stable political and economic climate the country is experiencing ensured the re-launch of the national production sector.

“Angola has around 1,650 kilometres of sea coast, with important sea resources that have contributed to improving the population’s diet,” said Mutindi, who thanked the Fishing Ministry for inviting him to be part of the campaign to promote Angolan seafood.

Mutindi said that his ministry planned to work alongside other ministries so that, at hotels and tourist resorts, domestic production is increasingly used and diverse. (macauhub)