Cape Verdean air carrier TACV doubles flights to Fortaleza, Brazil

15 May 2013

Cape Verdean flagship air carrier Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV) is due to start flying twice a week to Fortaleza, the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceará, from 9 July, the airline said.

TACV currently offers one flight between the capital of Ceará and the Cape Verdean capital, Praia, on Santiago Island every Thursday, and a flight will now also be offered on Tuesdays between Fortaleza and Sal Island.

On 6 December TACV re-launched its scheduled flight to Fortaleza from Portugal, following a one-year stoppage.

On announcing the return of the flight in November 2012, Mário Almeida, the TACV delegate for Portugal and Spain, said in Lisbon that Fortaleza was a destination to which the company had offered flights “for over 10 years” and that the route had only been suspended because the airline’s fleet was being renewed.

“Now that our fleet has two new aircraft – a Boeing 737-800 and a Boeing 757-200 – we are able to re-launch the route to Fortaleza, which will happen on 6 December,” the TACV delegate said at the time. (macauhub)