Cape Verdean population exceeds half a million people in 2012

27 May 2013

The Cape Verdean population totalled 505,800 people in 2012, which was a rise of a few thousand against the 491,800 inhabitants recorded in the 2010 census, the National Statistics Institute (INE) said Thursday in Praia.

According to the figures published by INE, the survey carried out in the final quarter of 2012 showed that Cape Verdean families had experienced improvements in living conditions, including access to sectors such as water, electricity, sanitary facilities, equipment, housing and literacy.

In 2012, according to INE, around 61.5 percent of Cape Verdean families had access to water as compared to 53.8 percent in 2010 and 87.2 percent have access to electricity and 73.4 percent to sanitation.

The survey also showed that 98.1 percent of Cape Verdeans aged between 15 and 34, are literate.

“We found very good improvements and, in come cases, some very substantial ones,” said the minister for Youth, Employment and Development and Human Resources, Janira Hopffer Almada, during the presentation of the survey.

The survey was carried out between October and December 2012, with 9,918 families selected at random in the 22 council areas of Cape Verde, with a confidence level of 90 percent. (macauhub)