International partnership studies forestry investments in Mozambique

28 May 2013

A partnership of the Eccotopia group and Pacific Tree West is analyses potential locations for forestry projects in Mozambique, the chairman of Symphony Trade and Investment 57 (Pty) Ltd. said in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to Julian Moses, the chairman of the 100 percent-owned subsidiary of the Eccotopia group, the partnership, which was set up precisely to carry out forestry projects all over the world, plans to plant paulownia trees, originally from China, Laos and Vietnam, which are fast-growing and their hard wood has a number of uses.

The statement issued Monday in Cape Town notes that paulownias can be used for retaining underground and over ground water, for producing biofuel and wood for industrial uses and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Pacific Tree West is a Canadian company that has developed innovative proprietary genetic methods for planting paulownias and South Africa’s Eccotopia develops strategic partnerships with partners involved in environmental projects and also has its own patented technologies. (macauhub)