Austria finances conservation agriculture project in Mozambique

31 May 2013

Austria is funding a pilot project in Mozambique for conservation agriculture in Sofala province, with a view to boosting productivity, Eva Kohl, of the Austrian embassy told Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

Conservation agriculture involves a number of practices for use of land with the least possible changes to soil composition, structure and biodiversity, and protecting it from erosion and compaction.

The project, which will be in place until 2015 and involve financing of 3 million euros, will benefit around 250 associations representing between 4,000 and 5,000 farmers, said the representative of the embassy’s attaché.

Kohl noted that for the three years that the project lasts the aim was for the province to make a significant contribution to Mozambique’s food security.

The project is designed to ensure direct and indirect improvement to food vulnerability by providing links to other sectors such as retail, industry and markets. (macauhub)