Island Seafoods plans to build fishing dock on Sao Vicente Island, Cape Verde

3 June 2013

Island Seafoods is expected to request a license to build a fishing dock to support its business of processing, freezing and exporting fish on the Island of Sao Vicente, said the project’s consultant and manager Paulo Abu-Raya.

According to Cape Verdean newspaper A Semana, the Cape Verde-based, Norwegian-owned company’s decision received approval of its environmental impact study on Friday.

Abu-Raya said that the company was now waiting for engineering and architectural designs, which are being drawn up in Norway, to be finalised, in order for the project to begin.

Island Seafoods is expected to start construction of the dock in the final quarter of 2013 and the project will take an estimated 18 months to build. At the end of construction the facility will include a fishing dock with equipment for pumping fish directly from boats into the factory, with capacity to unload 50 tons of fish per hour.

The future dock will be located in the Cova d’Inglesa area, just 25 metres from the current fishing complex and will occupy an area of 20,000 square metres, 11,000 of which on shore.

Island Seafoods plans to invest 72 million euros in infrastructure and equipment using funding from the Norwegian government. According to the company’s only Cape Verdean shareholder, Vicente Almeida, in the first year of operations the company expects turnover of 36 million euros from fish exports to the European and North American markets. (macauhub)