China approves introduction of three GM soy varieties into Brazil’s agriculture

13 June 2013

The Chinese government has approved introduction into Brazil of three new genetically modified (GM) varieties of soy, developed to prevent caterpillar infestation, according to a statement from the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry.

The statement also said that the three varieties had been authorised by the Chinese National Technical Commission on Biosecurity (CNTBio), a step that was required for companies that developed the soy varieties to start selling their seeds.

Néri Geller, the Agricultural Policy secretary for the Brazilian Agriculture Ministry said that the decision had come at the right time, given that soy-eating caterpillars were becoming resistant to traditional pesticides, and the new varieties will increase yields and reduce use of toxic products in farming.

China is the main world customer for the soy produced in Brazil and in the first four months of 2013 alone, imported 70 percent of Brazil’s production. (macauhub)