Portugal and Mozambique top the Globe Spots list of best tourist destinations

25 June 2013

Travel website Globe Spots, made up of contributions from professional and amateur travellers, has named Portugal and Mozambique as the two best tourist destinations in 2013, in a list of 10 countries published recently.

In its three categories – classic, adventure and hardcore – for the fifth year running Globe Spot announced its top 10 list of best tourist destination based on opinions from its users on “what’s happening” in the tourism sector around the world.

In the classic category, Portugal, and its “old European charm,” is in first place and the website considers it to have “great tourism areas” and that it is “easy access.”

“After a few days in Portugal you’ll find yourself in a little square with a glass of port wine in your hand, whether you like port or not. It’s just one of those things that Portugal does to you,” the Globe Spots website says.

In second place, and considered to be a “hardcore” destination, Mozambique is described as an ideal destination “for those that will travel anywhere,” and who are “tired” of tours and safaris in neighbouring countries.

“Mozambique is not a country that can be explored without effort (…). Thankfully, long journeys are made easier by the laid back attitude and good humour of the Mozambicans, who are one of the good reasons to visit the country,” noted the authors of the list.

Kyrgyzstan, which is also considered to be a “hardcore” destination, was the website’s third suggestion, followed by Panama (adventure), Armenia (adventure), Rwanda (adventure), Cuba (Classic), Ukraine (adventure), Malawi (adventure) and Canada (classic). (macauhub)