Mozambican state airline seeks partner for inter-continental flights

3 July 2013

Mozambican flagship airline Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique (LAM) is seeking an international partner to set up an inter-continental airline, said chief executive Marlene Manave.

Speaking to “The Africa Report,” Manave noted that the LAM still had difficulty meeting domestic demand in Mozambique and “if we took up inter-continental flights again we’d lose money for two or three years.”

The LAM CEO said that the Mozambican government had plans for the airline to fly abroad as soon as possible but “we have told the government that we need five or ten more years, so at the moment we want to find a financially stable international partner.”

LAM is 96 percent owned by the Mozambican state and the remaining 4 percent are in the hands of over 700 workers. The airline flies to 10 domestic destinations five regional destination and remains on the European Union blacklist forbidding it to fly in European air space. (macauhub)