Guinea Bissau’s transitional government takes delivery of presidential palace rebuilt by China

8 July 2013

The Guinea Bissau Presidential Palace, which was partially destroyed in the conflicts of 1998/99, was handed over by China to the Guinea Bissau transitional government Saturday following 18 months of repairs and expansion costing US$8.3 million.

For the transitional authorities of Guinea Bissau the delivery of the palace is loaded with symbolism, as transitional President Serifo Nhamadjo noted.

Nhamadjo added that he hoped the repaired building would help everyone to feel the responsibility “of never again causing such harm to the Guinean people,” adding that the money invested in the repairs could have been used for the production sector.

The complex covers an area of 2,471 square metres and the main building, which is also the President’s official residence, covers 1,171 square metres.

As well as repairing the Presidential Palace, Chinese cooperation partners have also built the People’s National Assembly (parliament) building and the Government Palace as well as repairing the national stadium and healthcare and public lighting facilities.

The National Healthcare School and the Palace of Justice are also due to be built by China. (macauhub)