Company with Indian capital prospecting for titanium in Angoche, Mozambique

9 July 2013

Afrifocus Resources Limitada, a company with Indian capital, has obtained a licence to prospect for titanium and other associated metals on islands off the coast of the Angoche district in Mozambique’s Nampula province, the district’s head of economic activity services said.

Miguel Massunda Júnior said the prospecting would take place during a one-year period and focus on Catamoio Island, the biggest of the Angoche islands, as well as the area of Aúbe administrative post and along the Meluli River.

Titanium is obtained from deposits of rutile or ilmenite found in beach areas or nearby. The sands designated as heavy can at the same time contain other minerals with economic interest, such as zircon.

In the Angoche district the Sangage heavy sands deposits are already being exploited by a project developed by the Chinese-backed Ayu Mining company, reports the Mozambican daily WamphulaFax.

In July 2011 Afrifocus Resources Limitada obtained mineral prospecting licences for tantalite in the Gilé district of Zambézia province, valid for a three-year period. (macauhub)