Mozambican government to promote tuna fishing

10 July 2013

The Mozambican government aims to promote tuna fishing as a way to increase fishermen’s income and state revenues, per the terms of a plan considered at the Tuesday Council of Ministers meeting, the vice-minister for Fisheries said in Maputo.

Gabriel Muthisse explained that the Strategic Plan for Tuna Fishing Development aimed to increase the catch and income of fishermen, given that of the US$60 million resulting from fishing that species, only a million stays in Mozambique.

The government’s goal is also to create more jobs, to help ensure food security and contribute to the national economy, said Muthisse, cited by the Maputo-based daily Notícias.

Fishing in the Indian Ocean, which accounts for 24 percent of the total catch, is currently conducted under international agreements in which Mozambique has a reserved quota; it is not just carried out in territorial waters. (macauhub)