Movement of people and goods in CPLP “has consensus” of all member countries

18 July 2013

The free movement of people and goods in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) “has the consensus of all its member states,” the organisation’s executive secretary told Macauhub on Wednesday in Maputo.

Murade Murargy said the issue would be debated at the 18th ordinary meeting of the CPLP Council of Ministers being held on Thursday in the Mozambican capital. Its implementation will depend on legal coordination between the community countries and other organisations with which it has cooperation agreements.

“For example, the CPLP has to coordinate with the European Union, the Schengen space or the Southern African Development Community (SADC), so there are various legal arrangements to get around before we can have this common denominator,” Murargy said.

Murargy participated in the CPLP’s first Public/Private Economic and Business Meeting, held on Wednesday in Maputo. Regarding economic and business challenges facing the CPLP, he urged businessmen to be “proactive”.

“Governments create the (business) climate, legal framework and other conditions, but businessmen have to take the initiative and not be bureaucrats,” he said.

The new interim head of the CPLP Business Confederation (CE-CPLP), Mozambican businessman Salimo Abdula, took office during the meeting, replacing Carlos Simbine.

Highlighting the need to “encourage representative structures of the member countries to create new business opportunities,” Abdula said that promotion of the process of free movement of people and goods in the CPLP space would be a key challenge of his one-year term.

“Mozambique has an opportunity to stimulate not just free circulation of people and goods but above all the protection and development of emigrant businessmen among our countries, to create conditions for entrepreneurs and for people to find work,” he said.

The forum’s main results were commitments to innovate and increase trade between member states and also to expand businesses to emerging markets “such as China or India.”

The business meeting was promoted by Mozambique’s Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA) together with the CE-CPLP and the Mozambican Industrial Association. It coincided with the 17th anniversary of the CPLP, which was founded on 17 July 1996. (macauhub)