Mozambican company exports macadamia nuts to South Africa and China

31 July 2013

Mozambican company Macs-In-Moz has exported its first harvest of Macadamia nuts to South Africa and China, the company’s chief executive, Howard Blight said.

Blight also said that the first harvest had produced 10 tons of nuts, and that six tons had been exported at an average price of US$4 per kilogram, and the remaining four tons would be used to expand the project’s nurseries.

The company, which has a 200-hectare area planted with macadamia trees, plans to grow 300,000 saplings from the unsold nuts.

The chief executive of Macs-In-Moz said that the nuts were shipped in their shells, and that the company was considering building a hulling unit to start operating in the 2015 harvest.

Blight also said that within 15 years Mozambique could become a large producer of macadamia nuts, given the favourable weather conditions and rapid improvement of infrastructure.

Macs-In-Moz is located near Sussundenga, 40 kilometres from the city of Chimoio, in the capital of Manica province, where it produces macadamia nuts, lychees, guavas, bananas, peppers and vegetables on 1,500 hectares of land, part of which is planted with eucalyptus trees. (macauhub)