External lending by Macau’s banks rises 32.3 pct in June

7 August 2013

External lending by Macau’s banks rose 32.3 percent in June against the same month of 2012 to 266.3 billion patacas (US$33.28 billion), according to figures published by the Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM).

According to statistics published by AMCM, most external loans, which against May rose 2.4 percent, were provided in currencies other than patacas or Hong Kong dollars, which accounted for 0.9 percent and 20.4 percent of the total, respectively.

In terms of internal loans to the private sector in June Macau provided a total of 226.4 billion patacas (US$28.3 billion) – 25.9 percent more than in the same period of 2012 – of which 72.9 billion (US$9.1 billion) were denominated in patacas and 133.6 billion (US$16.7 billion) in Hong Kong dollars.

Macau has 29 banks, including 12 banks with headquarters in the special administrative region, and 17 banks with headquarters outside Macau. (macauhub)